Fun with Funnel Cake

Pineapple Confetti Funnel Cake

So, I just learned why funnel cake is called “funnel cake!”  It makes so much sense, but I never really thought about it before…guess I had more important things on my mind…like live patients, residency applications, and trying to decide what my patronus would be.

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Do me a favor

Brown Butter Cookies with Marshmallow Fondant


Gag gifts and me go together like red hair and freckles, so when my sister gave me a tooth-shaped cookie cutter for my birthday a few years ago, I was over the moon.  Little did I know that that cheesy molar would be the ticket to my first-ever paid baking gig. Continue reading

SRP #5: Nom nom namaste

Tropical Pineapple Zucchini Overnight Oats

In the world of dentistry, “SRP” stands for “Scaling and Root Planing.”  In the world of FoodSwing Blog, “SRP” stands for “Short Recipe Post,” a more concise posting to avoid the tl;dr problem 😉
So, apparently, today is International Yoga Day…
Okay, now that I have observed this festive occasion, back to the posting…
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Peanut Better Cookies

Peanut-Peanut Butter Cookies

Allergy warning:  THESE COOKIES CONTAIN PEANUTS…lots of them 🙂


I have a love-love relationship with peanut butter — I eat it by the spoonful.  Natural, unnatural, creamy, chunky, however it comes my way, I love it.  Peanut butter cookies and I, on the other hand, have a love-hate relationship.  I love that they contain peanut butter, but I hate the dry, sandy texture that most PB cookies have.  Crumbly cookies baffle me — eating them is like that recurring dream where your teeth fall out and turn into hot sand in your mouth (am I the only one who has that nightmare?).  The only things in the food world that should be crumbly are feta cheese and streusel topping…not my cookies.   Continue reading

Fathers Day Fiesta

Fresh Fiesta Bean Salad


Happy Fathers Day!!! The perfect excuse for beefy barbecues, stunning side dishes, and waves of father fondness!  My dad introduced me to many things, including that little rhyme about beans and your heart, so I figured, what could be more appropriate than espousing some fatherly flatulence with this legume-filled salad?

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Beating the No-Baked-Good Blues

Blueberry Almond Bars


You know that feeling when you ABSOLUTELY NEED something sweet, homemade, cakey, and delicious, but all you have around are carrots, yogurt, and some weird “healthy” snacks that seemed like a good idea at the time?  Yeah, THAT feeling.  Well, I had a bad case of the No-Baked-Good Blues when I got home from school today, so I dreamed up these babies as a side-effect-free (yes, I like to hyphenate things) homeopathic antidepressant.

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Niçoise to meet you!

Niçoise-inspired Summer Salad


I love anchovies.  As I have gotten older and wiser (that second one’s debatable), I have come to the very mature realization that my father was right about everything.  Especially food preferences.  Shredded Wheat Big Biscuits, olives, cottage cheese, mushrooms, and canned fish of every variety.  Sardines, kippers, anchovies, you name it.  This is not to say that I’ll sit down with a tin of ‘chovies and a fork, but I have since come to appreciate and embrace the flavoring power of the humble anchovy, and you should do the same!

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SRP #4: Triumph of the Millet

In the world of dentistry, “SRP” stands for “Scaling and Root Planing.”  In the world of FoodSwing Blog, “SRP” stands for “Short Recipe Post,” tasty recipe quickies that skip the entertaining intro that you normally scroll through anyway!

Zucchini, Peach, & Blueberry Oatmillet


Millet is one of those “ancient grains” (like amaranth, kamut, and farro) vying to be for whole grains what kale is for vegetables.  Millet is an excellent source of manganese, magnesium, and B-vitamins, and when it isn’t being used for cow-feed, it shines brightly in salads and savory entree dishes.  This classy, and incidentally gluten-free, whole grain adds delightful textural variety to my fruity, vegetabley, seedy (in the good way), and nutty summer oatmeal.  Enjoy!

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Small Batch Thick Mints

You all know how hard it is to say “no” to those adorable girl scouts in their sashes and skirts outside the grocery store (as their moms look on, with smug smiles because they know you’re about to be had by their charming cherubs).  Well, don’t feel bad if you let them talk you into buying 5 boxes each of Samoas, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints…you’re only human.


My Thick Mints cookies get their thickness from a cakey, granulated-sugar-only dough that uses both butter and oil (and a healthy amount of mint extract).  Oh yeah, and they’re also chock full of crushed up Thin Mints…hence the “Mint-ception.”  Adding essence of Leonardo DiCaprio is totally optional.

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