Salted Caramel Apple Babka


Between the crunching leaves, the chilly nights, and the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 releases, it’s officially apple season!  Fall, for me, means squash soups and curries, chunky sweaters, and apple desserts out the wazoo.  Just in case you’re wondering, “wazoo” is actually a medical-school-approved anatomical term — it’s located somewhere between the noggin and the baby toe.


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Home on the Ranger

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ranger Cookies

So, I’m not exactly sure why Ranger Cookies are called Ranger Cookies.  I think it’s because they’re the type of hearty cookie you could take along on trail patrol to prevent any hypoglycemic episodes whilst dousing forest fires and protecting endangered species.  Then again, I’ve developed this “skill” of making things about which I may be unsure sound like unequivocal laws.  But really, my claim that these cookies are freaking delicious is 100% veracious!


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Jabba the Coconutt

Cherry Coconut Sugar Cookies


What screams “First Day of Fall” more loudly than coconut?  Well, almost anything, really, but still!  I’m still going to commemorate this year’s autumnal equinox with one of my favorite baking add-ins:  coconut!  It’s like cilantro…you either love it or you hate it.  Personally, I love it!  The texture, the aroma, the flavor, the everything.  These cookies don’t kick you in the face with coconut flavor; they just subtly nudge you in the obliques — while subtly softening your obliques 😉 Continue reading

SRP #10:  Pudding the “easy” in “Brownieasy”

Pudding Mix Brownies

In the world of dentistry, “SRP” stands for “Scaling and Root Planing,” a clean so deep your toes will tingle.  In the world of FoodSwing Blog, “SRP” stands for “Short Recipe Post,” a way for me to augment the recipe archives with only minimal monologuing. 


After having already posted a few iterations of my favorite basic Pudding Mix Brownie recipe, I realized I have never actually posted the most basic version of this recipe in its simplistic purity:  the Basic Pudding Mix Brownie.  So, here it is…along with my current favorite recipe variation below!

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Thin Crust Hawaiian Skillet Pizza


I am of the opinion that every human should feel comfortable making a pizza.  I don’t think that pizza-making ability is necessarily an evolutionary advantage (except, perhaps, as an indirect means of mate attraction), but I just think it’s a good skill to have…like the ability to tie one’s shoes by oneself.

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It’s my pie-rogative

Zucchini Pie


Those of you with summer gardens – or those of you who live vicariously through your parents’ summer gardens – know full well that “late summer” = “zucchini overload.”  You turn your back for 30 seconds and that tender, fingerling zucchini has quadrupled into a caveman-club-sized monster.  When you’ve had your fill of zucchini parmesan, spiralized zucchini, zucchini frittatas, and every other zucchini recipe upon which you have come to rely during August-tide, try this one.  I can guarantee it’s not at all what you’re expecting…


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