Match Made in Heaven

Simple Shortbread Matchsticks

Okay, I know.  These cookies have very limited applicability (see my Penguin Cookies for other examples of my penchant for incredibly niche cookie designs), BUT, you can totally ignore the match theme and just enjoy these cookies as delicious shortbread morsels that happen to be decorated with chocolate — not the worst idea I’ve ever had.
Just to help you out, though, I thought of a few scenarios in which these matchstick cookies would be appropriate as decorated:
  • dedication of a new firehouse
  • a bridal shower (“A Match Made in Heaven”)
  • celebration of a male child’s birthday (“Happy B-day to Arson”…Get it? “Our son,” “Arson,” it’s a stretch, I know)
  • dental or medical school Match Day!!!!
Just a few ideas.


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Sorry not Ansari

Whole Wheat Cornmeal Biscuits

 Perhaps my favorite part of Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance, is the hypothetical scenario he paints for the reader in which he brings down some perps who are smuggling biscuits from his fictitious Hardee’s restaurant.  The gripping scene ends with Aziz confronting the smugglers and saying, “Gimme back my biscuits.”  Though I’ve never been to or even seen a Hardee’s (#northeastliving), this passage really gave me a hankering for some biscuits!


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Dome, Sweet Dome

Almond Brownie Cookies

Brownie cookies?  Why not combine two of the greatest desserts of all time?? Maybe next week I’ll try marrying tiramisu and Baked Alaska…okay, maybe not.


These cookies have thin, irregular edges, which crisp beautifully during baking, with domed centers, housing brownie-like cores.  Those beautiful striations crisscrossing the cookie tops are an artifact of the high baking soda content and the scooping method used to portion out the dough.  And yes, that sprinkling of kosher salt on top is essential — minimize your sodium intake in the other facets of your diet, not in your desserts [Disclaimer:  that recommendation comes from the baker in me, not the healthcare professional].


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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Millionaire’s Sugar Cookies

If you’re not familiar with Millionaire’s Shortbread, please allow me to explain.
The traditional version of these brilliant cookies marries buttery shortbread, gooey caramel, and rich chocolate into an almost sinful bite of heaven.  These cookies truly are such stuff as dreams are made on; I’m pretty sure Shakespeare was eating Millionaire’s Shortbread while writing The Tempest.  For realz.
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The Ghost of Breakfast Past

Homemade Pop-Tarts [*vegan*]


What pre-made breakfast item would you identify as the singlemost iconic food of your childhood?  For me, it’s Pop-Tarts.  Now, before you get all mad at my parents, please know that, for the most part, I ate homemade, balanced breakfasts, which fueled me for many a successful day in grade school.  However, every once in a while, my sister and I were allowed to select the pre-made breakfast item of our choosing — these were the times that Katie and I sought the most highly-refined, sugar-laden, artificially-colored items we could find – think Froot Loops, Toaster Strudels, and, yes, Pop-Tarts.  We were your typical rebellious youths.


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SRP #13: Candy Bowl Clean-up

“SRP” in dentistry means, “scaling & root planing” — a really deep-clean for people with periodontal disease.  “SRP” in FoodSwing lingo means, “short recipe post” — a to-the-point recipe post for people with lives…and tastebuds.

SRP #13:  Sweet & Salty Candy Clean-Up Blondies

You know those paintings with the eyes that look like they follow you everywhere?  That’s basically the way I feel about the big bowl of holiday candies sitting on the dining room table, staring me down every time I pass it…calling to me…magnetically drawing my hand into its depths.
Compounding the issue of the constantly-calling-Christmas-candy leftovers is that gigantic tin of Boy Scout candy corn that was no doubt a gift from somebody who received it as a gift themselves and realized that no human could possibly eat ALL of it (and still have teeth with which to tell the tale).

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Kneadless to say…

No-Knead Wholegrain Ploughman’s Loaf

During the busy (i.e. non-vacation…i.e. most of the time) stages of my life, no-knead breads become my best friend — that, and ice cream.  Requiring only enough work to get those glutens going, no-knead breads are seriously a lazy carb-lover’s dream.  This recipe combines that no-knead simplicity with the deliciousness of a stuffed bread; that’s like combining Jay-Z and Beyonce (oh wait, that already happened #BlueIvy).

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