CE Course #1: Flip it real good

CE #1:  Upside-down Pizza

A loyal blog reader and good friend of mine suggested I add a Cheap Eats series to my blog.  In the dental world, CE stands for ‘Continuing Education,’ courses that you pay to take to keep yo’ skillz fresh; here, though, CE will stand for ‘Cheap Eats,’ meal recipes that are both affordable and delectable.  Thanks for the suggestion, Chris!


Most people are familiar with the classic tale of the humble 3M Sticky Note.  Intending to develop a new adhesive, the 3M scientists instead came up with the now mainstream temporary adhesive that allows us to peel, stick, unpeel, and re-stick all of our most essential reminders and lists.  My discovery of Upside-down Pizza has a similar birth story.


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The “IT” Factor

Shapely Baked White Cheddar Crackers [Homemade Cheez-Its!]

I wasn’t lying in my earlier posts when I claimed to use my tooth-shaped cookie cutter at every possible opportunity.  Lo and behold, I was blessed with another occasion to exercise my dental bakeware!
Today, my dental school classmates face Day #2 of the state licensing exam, and, in a show of savory solidarity, I wanted to make a dental version of the classic Cheez-It.  I think so-called “copy cat” recipes are fun, especially when they recreate nostalgic childhood favorites [see my other copy cat adventures here, here, and here].

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Gluten Freak

Flourless Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies [gluten free]


My favorite type of gluten-free baking is the kind that’s naturally gluten-free.  You know, like how bottled water is naturally gluten-free — you  wouldn’t put flour in it anyway (unless you were making glue), so there’s no finagling needed to make it wheat-free and Celiac-safe.   In other words, I like to bake foods that are, what I call, “P.S. Gluten-free” — not the primary goal, just a happy consequence!


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SRP #14: Apple of my Eye

A dental “SRP” refers to “Scaling and Root Planing,” an intense, deep-cleaning experience, involving much saliva, some blood, and sharp instruments.  A FoodSwing Blog “SRP” refers to “Short Recipe Post,” an intensely delicious culinary experience,  involving minimal build-up and many tears…tears of joy.

Skinny Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

It’s baaaaaaaaaaack…Valentine’s Day — the most polarizing of all holidays.  Whether you have a valentine or not, you can still bake like you’re madly in love…with flavor.  Even better, you can have all of that flavor without exhausting the world’s butter supply.  Who knew?!  After all, bathing suit season is right around the corner (kind of).
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The OATdessey

Cherry Berry Oatmeal Cookies with White Chocolate & Walnuts


Far from being the Great Unifier, I think that oatmeal, sadly, is actually the Great Divider.  Few people will say, “Meh, I kind of like oatmeal.”  Usually, people are either violently opposed to oatmeal — whether on principle or because of issues with consistency or bad childhood experiences — or they love it almost as much as they love life itself.  I definitely fall in the latter group of oatmeal enthusiasts; you could probably call me a JehOATvah Witness and not be exaggerating by much at all.


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