Chewy, not chalky

Chewy Oatmeal Cookies

Oh the oatmeal cookie.  Such potential, yet, like the skin of my heels, such an inherent propensity for dryness.  Who knew that the perfect oatmeal cookie is actually pretty simple, requires no mixer, calls for basic ingredients, and tastes totally delish?!
The process of moving to a new state 400+ miles away requires lots of boxes, lots of tape, and lots of patience — not to mention lots of limbo time, in which the exact location of certain essential items (ahem, underwear, scissors, stand mixer, …) is not necessarily known nor is it necessarily accessible.  Yet still, the cookie calling continues (as does the need for socks and undies).


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Maryland is for Jacks

Jumbo Lump Jackcakes {Vegetarian Crab Cakes}

Jackfruit, it’s the new kale.


As much as I diatribe (not sure that’s a real verb, but hey, I’m on summer vacation) about my general dislike of vegetarian-foods-pretending-to-be-non-vegetarian-foods, I’ll happily relax my ban on such impostors when jackfruit is involved.

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SRP #19: Ninety Degree No-bakes

“SRP” in dentistry means, “scaling & root planing” — a really deep-clean for people with periodontal disease.  “SRP” in FoodSwing lingo means, “short recipe post” — a to-the-point recipe post for people with lives.

Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies


When it’s 8am and already in the mid-80s, there’s no way that I’m turning on the oven.  Still, I could not possibly allow the cookie jar go empty — a cardinal sin in this household.


I grew up with the classic chocolate no-bake cookie (a mix of oats, corn syrup, cocoa powder, peanut butter, etc), frequently made by the mom of one of the girls on my tennis team.  Those cookies were pretty much the bomb. Continue reading

Newly Minted

Easy Minty Cake Cookies


One bowl.  No mixer.  No butter.  Only 10 minutes of chilling.  Annnnd, a whaboom (yes, Bachelorette fans, I said, ‘Whaboom’) of minty, chocolatey flavor.  A dream, you say?  No, my friends.  It’s a reality.  A very simple and delicious reality.


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Stuff & Nonsense

Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

Yes, I know, I didn’t invent the chocolate-peanut-butter flavor combination, but, I DO embrace it wholeheartedly.  In the absence of known peanut allergies, the chocolate-PB combo is about as safe a bet as you can make when baking for other people.  As such, you will find quite a few chocolatey, peanutbuttery recipe options in my archives!

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SRP #18: My own personal kale

In the world of dentistry, “SRP” stands for “Scaling and Root Planing,” a super thorough deep-clean.  In the world of FoodSwingBlog, “SRP” stands for “Short Recipe Post,” a condensed, flavor-packed post with minimal added comedic fillers and no high fructose corn syrup. 

Mustardy Kale & Quinoa Salad

All you kale-o-phobes out there, lend me your ears [tofu-a-phobes might as well listen too — the principles are the same]!!! You don’t hate kale [or tofu], what you hate is the way it has been prepared, or worse, unprepared.  There is a difference.
Kale [or tofu] is a wonderfully nutritious foodstuff, which is, itself, a perfect component of some really tasty dishes.  Unlike sad, soggy iceberg lettuce — fit only for wedge salads & Big Macs — kale has some real heft to it.  Admittedly, this heft is a double-edged sword, just like curly hair, being an adult, or owning a dog.  If eaten straight out of the ground, of course it feels like you’re chewing leather and possibly damaging your TMJ — like I said, it’s hefty!  If somebody just hacked a steak out of a live cow in front of your eyes and handed it to you to eat [Disclaimer:  PETA, fear not, I’m not endorsing such inhumane (or, inbovine) behavior…just making a point], it probably wouldn’t taste too good.


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Lend me some (more) sugar!

Crisp Sugared Sugar Cookies

Because one cannot simply have a single sugar cookie recipe for all occasions, here’s another winner to add to the collection!


You know those supermarket holiday sugar cookies?  The crisp ones sold in the clear plastic containers, cut in festive shapes, decorated not with icing but instead with a sprinkling of colored sugar?  Admittedly, as a kid, I often passed over these comparatively minimalistic cookies to opt for something with a bit more sugar, a bit more color, and approximately an inch of frosting.  Let’s just say my juvenile palette was not what I would call refined.


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SRP #17: It’s Botanical Week!

“SRP” in dentistry means, “scaling & root planing” — a really deep cleaning for people with periodontal disease.  “SRP” in FoodSwing lingo means, “short recipe post” — a to-the-point recipe post for people with lives…and tastebuds.

Lemon Lavender Sugar Cookies


As I may have mentioned before, I have a bit of a thing for The Great British Bake-off.  Okay, it’s more than a thing (“raging obsession” might be a more accurate way to express the situation).  My GBBO mania is rivaled only by my debatably unhealthy fixation with Harry Potter — why yes, I am applying for a GED from Hogwarts, funny you should ask.


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Find your quiche

Mushroom, Leek, & Onion Quiche

My family LOVES pungent foods.  I’m talking garlic, sardines, kimchi, cabbage, curries, … really, the stinkier the better.  Also falling into this category:  onions.  If a recipe calls for half of an onion, we use the whole thing.  I stop just short of eating them whole, like apples, but only just.


Onions are a member of the Allium genus, the grouping that also contains leeks, chives, garlic, & shallots.  As luck (or, leek) would have it, this quiche recipe contains quite a few of these flavorful siblings!  Okay, it’s not luck; it’s entirely on-purpose.

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Labor Day(ish)

Lemon Meringue Pie Cookies


Isn’t Mother’s Day basically the same as Labor Day?  After all, there would be no mothers on this earth without a day of labor. #lamaze
Lemon meringue pie, like quiche & quinoa, has somehow acquired a decidedly feminine aura.  Sure, it has a light & delicate look — one might even call it dainty — but, when made well, the sharpness of that lemon curd is a full-on bodyslam of flavor, with a crisp-yet-airy meringue topping to add balance to the dessert.  Even the manliest of men should be able to appreciate something like that!

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