Dental school grad.  Orthodontic resident.  Baker.  Cook.  Avid runner.

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As a dental student, stress is something with which I am very familiar, but, instead of turning to Ben & Jerry’s or heroin, I bake!  This stress-baking has really helped me expand my culinary repertoire.  Cookies, bars, brownies, and yeast breads are my favorite desserts to make, but one cannot live on dessert alone!  I wouldn’t say I’m a health nut, more like a health peanut (they’re not real nuts…they’re legumes!).  I try to make my non-dessert meals from fresh, “healthy” ingredients, and I love dabbling in international spices and flavor profiles.  Anybody who knows me even remotely well knows that I swear by my morning run and bowl of oatmeal, be it piping hot at-home or overnight-style from an old peanut-butter jar during 8AM lecture.  What can I say…I’m a creature of habit.

I typically spend the 10-12 minutes during which a batch of cookies is baking to find the best-lit area of my apartment in which to photograph my new creation.  I finally decided that I have been using my facebook inappropriately to display the photographic evidence of my stress-induced kitchen adventures, hence, the birth of FoodSwing Blog.  Inspired by Sally’s Baking AddictionSmitten Kitchen, and Two Peas and Their Pod, I am very excited to enter the blogosphere and add my recipes and variations for stress-bakers everywhere!

As much as I’d love to spend hours crafting each post, I still aim to graduate from dental school on-time, so I’ll keep my posts short and sweet (of course!), because, after all, the recipes are what you really care about, not the cavity I just filled.  So, try my recipes, enjoy the pictures, and leave any comments/suggestions you’d like!

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